(Note: in real life, all the ditches in my neighborhood are being torn up to upgrade the local drainage and/or sewer system.)

The dreamEdit

In this dream I had, there was what I thought to be one of the city-hired trucks parked out on our ditch to finish up whatever work there was to be done here before they moved onto the next house.

Then when I looked through the blinds in the living room at one point I saw what was an 18 wheeler parked partially across our lawn. That wasn’t right at all.

I then looked out the back window and saw all these strange aircraft up in the sky flying by. If I remember correctly, none of them were standard helicopters; they all seemed to be flying without a means of visible propulsion/propellers. One I remember specifically looked like the nose/module section (whatever they’re called) of a rocket ship that, upon coming back to earth, breaks up in the atmosphere and it’s just the nose section left containing the astronauts that splashes down. The nose part was pointing upwards.

The phone then rang twice in rapid succession, which I was thinking it was good that dad’s hearing is so crappy and he never wears his hearing aids, as he was in his room on his computer and didn’t hear it, as I was paranoid as to something was afoot.

I woke up not long afterwards.

An interpretationEdit

A friend of mine interpreted the dream and came up with this:

Your dream sounds stress-related. You may feel like certain situations are going to "crash and burn" outside of your control. Things pointing upward is good though. It would suggest your general optimism or hope that things will always be looking up. A phone would suggest you still have a connection with the outside world and aren't left alone with your problems.