The DreamEdit

I was in the sewer with toothless, from how to train your dragon, and there was someone else but I don't know who. I was riding toothless as myself and we were all running and shooting something and then we came to a part of water with sharks in it so we flew across. Then we came across two mutated people and we got the key they were holding by sneaking up on them. And when we came to the end toothless started hating me and ignoring me. We all went through the sewer and out from were we came. And then we went to my house and I went inside and the other person left. Toothless stayed outside. When I went outside after 5 minutes. There was a bunch of people injecting toothless with needles and trying to figure out what he is. I tried to stop them but I couldn't.

When I Woke UpEdit

When I woke up I was scared, and confused, and sad. I am a natural lucid dreamer but I couldn't control this dream for some reason. I still haven't had the rest of the dream but I might some day. I really hope I get the rest of the dream because I love Toothless and I can't stand him being mad at me, even if it is a dream.