In this dream, I was on a moon base, similar to Moonbase Alpha from the Space: 1999 tv series.

Another race of humans (not from Earth) had discovered us, or possibly vice versa, and were welcomed to the base.

Everyone was excited and milling about and talking, but something didn’t feel quite *right* about it all.

I was standing outside (dunno how I was breathing due to there being no air on the moon though) when someone from the base came riding up in a vehicle that was shaped like a phone booth. The door opened and he said he didn’t trust the new people. I agreed and said we should launch an attack on their ship, which was in orbit over the moon.

We both took off in our fighter ships and flew towards the alien ship. Suddenly a bunch of box-shaped fighter ships emerged from the alien craft in an intercept course with myself and the other fellow moon base member.

Then my alarm clock went off, thus ending the dream.