With this dream I had last night, I was boarding a train for destinations unknown. I think I was Green Arrow (can’t remember if I had a mask on or not), and everyone in the train was also a hero of some sort. The train was like the one in Metalocalypse, where it hovered, although it still needed a track though. I was at the front of the train and just watched it run over the track, thinking of how odd it was to have the track right in the middle of a street: what about other traffic? Luckily there wasn’t any on this day. I could hear the engineer telling about how hard the train was to steer.

After a few minutes we arrived at some place. I saw someone who looked like one of the Green Lanterns, being Guy, with the brown hair and a mask on, although it was white. Being Green Arrow, this annoyed me, as I said “looks like it’s Green Lantern all over again”. He looked up in confusion.

Then as the train was slowing to a stop, I understood his ire, as this courtyard or whatever it was was full of people mostly wearing those those white masks. One guy did seem to have the Green Lantern suit on, with the green shirt and the Lantern logo on it, although he had a white coat over that though. However, being up on the train, I could see down his coat.

After the train stopped and we disembarked, there were all these students milling around. I spied one guy who wasn’t wearing a mask or anything, saying something about “life, trust...” as he was sitting. It seemed to me he was doing something similar to one of the Green Lantern oaths in order to get his powers to work or something.

The whole place seemed like it was the School of the Gifted of Professor X’s from The X-Men, being a haven for mutants, but thinly disguised as a school. I asked this female who was on the hover-train thingy with me if this was indeed the academy. She only somewhat answered the question by saying how difficult it was to talk with these people “with tears in your eyes”. Indeed, to have to think of the burden of these people with powers or abilities that none of them asked for, nor possibly wanted in the first place.

Not long after that I woke up.