What is a Dream? Edit

A dream is the experience of imagined images, voices, or other sensations during sleep. Dreams often portray events which are impossible or unlikely in reality, and are usually outside the control of the dreamer. Many people report experiencing strong emotions while dreaming, and frightening or upsetting dreams are referred to as nightmares.

Why do we dream? Edit

We dream to go over what has happened to us. In our Modern Time, we usually dream about stress that we face out as work.

How do dreams work Edit

The brain will 'flush out' emotional arousal by creating a dream of a scenario that parallels the real-life experience. So, a person you hate or are scared of might be symbolised by a monster and your anger would be allowed expression as you attacked the dream creature.

If you are still dealing with the same issue, your brain will keep having this dream till it solves it. Example Your company , wants the next big idea to come from you. Well your brain might play all these ideas in your dreams till you get the right one.

Is Dreaming Natural? Edit

Yes! Dreaming is 100% Natural.

Who dreams the most? Edit

The person that dreams the most is usually the person who is facing alot of issues, or has experienced something new and exicting.

Further Reading Edit

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