This wasn't my dream, but I thought it was pretty cool, so I'm putting it up here.

I got this off of a local Houston computer BBS that I was on in the late 1980s, so I'm leaving some of the code in from the posts and all.

Ok, Inn Keeper, I have a dream...

(It was very CLEAR, realistic, unlike my oother *sight* dreams)

I stood in a green field, full of people. They were of different nationalities, different clothing styles, and everyone was fighting everyone else. Only a few stood apart from the rest, arms crossed, with a circle of emptyness around them...they seemed completetly unaware of the chaos around them.

Ok. No one was paying any attention to me, they were much too busy fighting each other- Fists were flying all around me, but none were directed at me, none hit me.

I looked around and saw a hill above the field (also green with grass) with a black cloaked figure standing on top. I worked my way through the mass of combatants, and climbed halfway up the hill to see the robed guy. (I thought he was evil, and perhaps responsible for the fight...)

When I came close, I saw that he was carrying a wooden staff, and that his robe was not black, but brown...I remember thinking 'maybe it was just a shadow, a trick of the light' He had a worn, but handsome face, a chest-length, wavy brown beard...a hood drover his head.

*> RESPONSE 2 <* By DELPHIC ORACLE (SS115) On Sat Feb 20, 1988 11:03 AM


He looked at me (and I had the impression that he was an Angel) his eyes seemed to look deep within soul... He pointed at the masses with a sweeping motion of his arm and said "Look and Remember".

Then he looked at me again, and we began to talk at length about philosophy, religieverything... ((Whenever I try to explain what he said, my mind goes blank!!! I don't understand it))

At the end, he smiled, and said "Remember."

And then I woke up.

-Delphic Oracle

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