Baird park satelitte images

Screenshots of Baird Park/Elementary school before and after the shuttle landing

The Baird UFO Crater is a crater that is in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was developed by the impact of an Egglitarian-class escape shuttle on June 11, 2014 at 6:10AM. Many have first assumed that this impact crater was made by a meteor, but it is later learned that it was a UFO containing the Armonian alien Audrey Cruz.

The crater itself lies at an elevation of about 760 ft above sea level. It is about 109 ft in diameter and is 15 ft deep and has a rim that rises up to 3 feet.

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  • Ever since Audrey revealed herself to the public and the crater was confirmed to have been the escape shuttle she was in, Green Bay gains the new nickname "Roswell of the Midwest". When Green Bay obtains this nickname, tourism has increased and a UFO and Alien museum opens in the city.