Armos, is an extra-terrestrial planet within the Kepler-20 System. The planet orbits the star Kepler-20 which is 950 light-years away from Earth and is in the constellation Lyra. The planet is often confused for it's twin Kepler-20f for it's appearance of muggy skies, but greatly differs from it because it is far away from Kepler-20 so temperatures would be able to handle life.

Like Earth, Armos is home to many plants and animals, including Armonians. The planet, along with earth are the only two planets in the universe to be confirmed to have life.


Up until the 1940's, Armos had been prosperous with life on it's planet and had many animals. Since 1942, the planet fell under the tyrant, King Alpious I who had tooken government power and established the Principality of Armos. Since than the planet became polluted with industrial factories taking over forests and filling the air with SO (sulfur dioxide), causing resperatory problems and/or death towards the Armonian population and animals within the planet.

The planet today is barely habitable because of the pollution and would require both Armonians and Humans to wear a breathing device. The planet is still held under the Alpious family, with King Alpious II currently in power. The Principality of Armos is under an absolute monarchy that has been known for polluting the planet and for the execution of anyone against their authority. Recently a liberal group known as the Armonian Republic Treaty (ART) has declared war against the Principality to end the conflict of the Alpious dynasty.


Like Earth, Armos is an extra terrestrial planet. It is made up of solid rock, has an abundance of water in it's oceans. The planet is part of the Kepler-20 System. It is the farthest planet away from the Kepler-20 sun, which allows it to have life. The planet is often confused for Kepler-20f because it has a nearly identical appearance.


Armos' "Real" LocationEdit

Kepler-20 location

Kepler-20's location in the Lyra constellation

Although Armos is assumably a fictional planet, Kepler-20 however is a real star within the Lyra constellation as well as well as it's existing five planets. Note that the picture to the right has the star's right ascension (coordinates) in the picture if you are interested in looking at the star either on Google Earth or with a telescope. The Kepler Space Telescope has discovered the existence of planets within it's system on December 20, 2011.