I can see the full moon. Something is approaching from the lower right that looks like a shadowy copy of the moon, or like the pink moon of a lunar eclipse, and it will cover the original moon. There are some people around me, but since I'm looking up to the sky, I can only hear their voices. They have been awaiting this event and an excited, thrilled babbling can be heard. It reminds me now, being awake, of an ancient tribal village that has been preparing for an impressive, symbolic ritual for several days and that is both intimidated and joyful, now that the big moment has come. At the same time, a loud banging and rumbling is starting, its rhythm so infernal, unworldly and haunting that I feel deeply agitated - not afraid, though. By now, I'm half-aware that I'm dreaming, but the noise is so vivid and penetrative that I'm wondering whether the waking world might hear it.