My friend B. asks me to explain to him how one could make sure that digital data stays "well, just beautiful". I ask him what kind of data he's talking about - music or movies, perhaps? He says he meant games, and I try to be patient and not too snotty while I explain that the only difference of the original disc to a copy is the pretty printing, the data itself just consisting of 0s and 1s without any interim values.

Meanwhile, I've arrived at a big hotel. There has been a fire alarm and some people are coming toward me, leaving the building in a calm and civilised way. I can't see any fire. Ignoring the people, I enter. I know that there is something I would have to do later, when the building is empty. On the left side there is a corridor branching off, leading slightly downward, then right again, parallel to the main hallway. The "camera perspective" is changing, I'm now viewing the scene from the end of the corridor and I can see myself approaching. There are blue doormats in front of the doors, explaining the function of the rooms behind. At the last door, there are two mats because it's a double door, and there are knifes pictured on them - it's the dining room, and I enter. The room seems empty at first, but from the rear left, slightly elevated but covered by something, I can hear some wealthy people, conversing. I ask them what the hell they are doing there while the building is in flames, and they leave grudgingly. I can remember a stout elder man, he looked like someone saying "Titanic? Sinkable? Ridiculous". I notice that the windows look like those of my old school, but those in the dream can be tilted, with the opening part on the lower side, like a skylight. I leave some of them open. That way - I'm on the first floor - it will be easy to reenter the building later, if I have to.

Then I'm wakened.